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Hippie style: how Natalya Vodianova dresses for a holiday on a farm



Natalia Vodianova delighted fans with a new way that every girl can repeat, writes

Photo Shoot: natasupernova / Instagram

Natalya Vodyanova always knew how to choose the right images for different events. From a young age, she walked the catwalks and talked with world fashion designers.

The girl grew up among experts in fashion and style, so now she herself can successfully set trends. As you know, the model lives in Paris with five children and a newly minted husband Antoine Arnault.

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The model admitted that she sometimes dresses up, even just to take out the trash.

The day before, Natalya remembered how she had recently visited a farm where organic vegetables, fruits and herbs are grown.

Photo Shoot: natasupernova / Instagram

She visited the beds and examined the decoration of the house together with the heirs. It is noteworthy that the girl appeared in flared jeans, which are in fashion this season, as well as a Dior denim jacket. White boots and a printed T-shirt complemented her look. Vodianova gave up makeup and let her hair down.

Fans admired the image of the model. Many thought that the outfit was very young for a mother with many children.

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