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In the US, a student ran away from the kidnappers due to the ability to drive on the mechanics


Source: USA Today

20-year-old girl made a bold escape from the kidnappers who first robbed her and then put her in the car as a driver because they could not drive the car on mechanics.

It is reported USA Today, with reference to The State.

A South Carolina college student, Jordan Dinsmore, came home from a shift at a local Wild Wild Wings Buffalo around one in the morning. At that moment, three guys attacked her with a gun and threatened to shoot her right in the parking lot.

They reportedly took her phone and wallet from Dinsmore and threatened to rape her and get into her car. A few minutes later, the kidnappers realized that they didn’t know how to drive because there was a manual gearbox in it, Dinsmore said.

“I begged them to just take my things and let me go, but they said I should go with them,” Dinsmore shared.

One of the kidnappers disappeared, while the other two forced the victim to go to the nearest ATM. Withdrawing money from her ATM account, Dinsmore unfastened her seatbelt, which gave her the idea of ​​escaping.

The kidnappers told the girl to go to the next place, where one of the kidnapping friends would rape her. When crossing the intersection, Dinsmore jumped out of the car and fled. Reportedly, at this moment the car was moving at a speed of about 60 km per hour.

After a cry for help, the passerby stopped and helped Dinsmore. After the unmanaged car crashed into the bushes, the kidnappers immediately disappeared, as suggested by the girl.

Later, two guys (15 and 17 years) were arrested for their alleged involvement in the crime. It is reported that teenagers are responsible for a series of crimes in July, the victims of which were students on campus in Colombia.

One of the investigators called Dinsmore "James Bond" for her clever plan of salvation. The girl admitted that this was only possible due to the fact that her captors did not know how to operate a manual transmission.

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