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In the US, published a list of toys that doctors recommend


Source: Time

At the toy store, pass by expensive electronic games and posh digital gizmos - your child doesn't need them. More precisely, they are not needed. According to pediatricians, the best toys for toddlers and preschoolers look and work much easier and are cheaper.

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Toys that many parents would consider old-fashioned - bricks, puzzles, and even disposable cardboard boxes - spark the imagination and develop creativity in a young child. They are the best choice for the development of children under five years old, writes Time. In addition, with such toys you can play with your parents, which can not be said about gadgets.

“The cardboard box can be used for painting or made into a home,” says Dr. Alan Mendelssohn, co-author of a new report on the selection of toys for preschool children.

According to Mendelssohn, many parents feel a certain amount of pressure due to advertising, which offers games for electronic devices as educational and stimulating the development of a child’s brain. But there is not enough scientific evidence to support these claims.

The main misconception of parents: "The best toy is the most expensive, with a lot of" bells and whistles ", the most technologically advanced."

According to Mendelssohn, NYU Langone Health's pediatrician in New York, simpler and more practical toys with which parents and young children can play together are much more effective for the healthy development of the child.

The report, published on Monday by the American Academy of Pediatrics, provides research data that state: the active use of electronic tools can interfere with the development of speech in children, replace important gaming opportunities and lead to obesity.

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Studies also showed that more than 90% of children in the US use mobile devices, and most of them began to play with gadgets before the age of 1.

The pediatric team recommends not showing devices with screens to children younger than 2 and asserts that the total time of eye contact with monitors, including TV and computer, should be less than one hour per day for children aged 2 or older.

“It’s unlikely that much harm would be done if a child did something other than watching something on screens,” Mendelssohn said. He added that prolonged contact with monitors and screens can be especially harmful to babies, including because this time is difficult to limit or control.

On the Academy website You can find the perfect toys for small children, including balls, puzzles, coloring books and card games.

Some parents say that they send their children to the courtyard so that they can sit less on sofas with gadgets in their hands, while electronic devices can be useful in situations of limited mobility: for example, during a flight.
The child needs to socialize, interact with people and space around them. For this to happen, he needs to free his eyes and hands and go to explore the world.

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