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In the USA, there is no concept of 'female share': what American women really want and achieve


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Among my compatriots there is an opinion that all Americans are ardent feminists who are ready to bite off a man’s head for an innocent compliment or a kept door, the channel’s author writes. "50 shades of New York" on Yandex.Zen. It is generally accepted that they do not need a family and there is no need to monitor their appearance. Is it really? I decided to figure out what modern Americans are striving for, using the example of women in New York, the largest city in the United States, with 4 million women. What do most of them need?

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Today's American women really do not seek to have a family and children immediately after graduation. Instead, they take internships at prestigious companies, work hard for their professional reputation, and continue to invest in their education whenever possible. Do not forget that in the USA they graduate from school at the age of 17-18, and a bachelor's degree is received by about 26 years - later than in Russia. In addition, a significant part of the students, whose parents did not save money for their studies at the university, leave the university with a big debt. And it would be nice to immediately take care of a way to return it by getting a good job. All this does not mean at all that American women are boring and careerists who are not interested in their personal life. They also fall in love, meet and live in a civil marriage, they just do not rush to legitimize relations and cement them with children - they will have time. I'm talking about modern women from the most advanced states - in the hinterland, of course, everything is a little different.

Equality in relationships

It's unlikely that a 2020 American woman will understand you if you scold her for making a mess of her home. The stereotypical opinion that everyday life is a purely female affair is a thing of the past long ago. Today, in American couples, it is customary to earn money together, work together on the housework and make decisions together. If a woman is offered a promising job in another state, the husband can safely move for her.

Body acceptance

Modern Americans zealously defend the right to be themselves. They rebel against the standards of beauty imposed by glossy magazines; they no longer wish to identify themselves only with a sexual object. The fall in sales of Victoria's Secret, a famous brand of seductive lingerie, proves that today a woman is not enough to feel desired - she needs to be desired. And for this, accept yourself, do not have complexes, feel comfortable and relaxed. Following the Americans, girls from all over the world changed their heels to sneakers, and tight-fitting mini to stylish oversize. But no need to juggle - no one calls to become untidy little tots. Personal care and natural beauty - yes, a layer of plaster on the face and hairpins - the last century.

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American women from big cities are distinguished by freedom of morals. Thanks to the sexual revolution of the 1960s, they have no longer had a headache. Women can change partners, as men do, and no one will blame them for this. Think of the TV series "Sex and the City" - that's how it is. American women in this matter have long defended their rights and the principle "my body is my business." All this does not apply to marriage - here, as elsewhere, marital fidelity is held in high esteem. But it is allowed to walk up to the wedding. Contrary to stereotypes, they willingly meet men and accept their courtship. It is completely safe to treat a girl in a bar, no one will sue you.

Comfortable motherhood

Since modern Americans give birth relatively late, they prefer not to break the usual way of life. The decree here lasts only 3 months, they often leave the hospital directly from the office, so there is no time to change thinking. This does not mean that they are bad mothers - on the contrary, today American society treats a woman with a child with great respect and reverence. Americans won the right to breastfeed in public, appear with a child in museums, travel. Changing tables in ladies' rooms and a large number of families with babies in mobile carrying and slings perfectly illustrate this trend. I am silent about how vehemently American laws protect the rights of mothers and children.

Protection against domestic violence

This topic comes up in America more often than anywhere else in the world. Moreover, I am sure that in some countries traditionally submissive spouses "get hit on the head" much more often, but it was in the United States that an impeccable system of protecting wives from the arbitrariness of their husbands was built. Here the law and a huge number of human rights organizations are on the woman's side. If an American woman suffers from domestic violence, the kitchen brawler will face ruin, general condemnation, and big problems in court.

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Leaving for politics

Today, American women have a voice, and every day it sounds louder. I won’t even talk for a long time - just remember that Hillary Clinton almost won the presidential election. That says it all.

I have listed the main aspirations of contemporary American feminists. As you can see, they have no goal of equating a woman with a man - they only seek equal opportunities for both sexes. Education, career, self-realization, harmonious relationships and the right to choose - ultimately it is about a woman who likes to be a woman. Therefore, in the United States there is no concept of "female share" - instead they say "Happy wife - happy life" ("Happy wife - happy life").

What do you think of all this?

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