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In the United States, children are increasingly being vaccinated against the wishes of their parents.


Source: Medusa

In late January, writer Andrea Phillips noticed on her twitter that Reddit had quite a few posts from children who wanted to take root against the wishes of their parents and asked how to do it.


US law varies from state to state, and usually it is not on the side of such children, but in some cases allows them to independently consent to medical procedures before reaching 18 years, writes Medusa. For example, if the doctor finds that the child is mature enough to make such decisions.

The media began to write a lot about this issue. The loudest was the story of 18-year-old American Ethan Lindenberger, who first wrote the popular science edition Undark. The young man published a post on Reddit, in which he called his parents “slightly stupid” and asked what to do if in previous years he had been vaccinated only once. Ethan’s mother openly opposes vaccination; her father shares her views. Ethan tried to convince them, but did not achieve success. As a result, he took root at once for several diseases and is going to continue.

In the wake of the discussion of this story, there were calls to reduce the age at which the child is allowed to make decisions about his health. Moreover, international law has all the prerequisites for this.

If you have unvaccinated relatives or acquaintances older than 15 years in Russia, it is important to know that, according to the laws of the country, a child can take root at his own request from this age. 323 federal law states that from 15 years a child may give voluntary informed consent to medical interventions in place of their parents. Accordingly, if desired, he can take root from this age. I must say that now it is especially important to get vaccinated: measles has become much more common in Russia.

The medical organization has the right to sue the parents if medical intervention is necessary to save lives. Perhaps this is applicable when it comes to postexposure prophylaxis - when it is necessary to take root after contact with a dangerous virus or bacterium.

Teenagers are advised to talk more with their parents.

When the law did not help, children who spoke on Reddit were advised to try to convince their parents - and, if necessary, ask for the support of a doctor or nurse. Or just wait for the age when they can make decisions about their own health.

Now Ethan Lindenberger’s relationship with her mother is tense: she found her son’s act “slap in the face” and now explains in detail to younger children why there’s no need to take root. Ethan advises not to repeat his mistakes and be frank and friendly with his parents in talking about vaccination.

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