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For the sixth time, dad: beloved Ilona Mask spoke about pregnancy and published a photo


Source: Gossip

It seems that Ilon Mask will become a father for the sixth time: his lover, a singer of Ukrainian-Canadian origin Grimes, published a photo with a noticeably enlarged belly and talked about pregnancy, writes "Gossip".


The 31-year-old singer Grimes, who is dating 48-year-old American entrepreneur Ilon Musk, has hinted that they will soon become parents. Yesterday, she posted on Instagram a topless photo of a baby on her stomach.

When fans noted that Grimes looked great (by the way, the photo was eventually blocked by the social network, and the singer then had to publish the picture again), she replied that at first she thought about censorship, but a less frank "shot would not be so wild." Can I see a photo see in the singer’s account.

“Plus, being pregnant is a very wild and militant state,” she added.

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Fans have spotted another photograph of her - this time in clothes, taken 6 weeks ago. A rounded belly is guessed on it.


Official representatives of the singer have not yet confirmed the news of her pregnancy, but sources from her circle say that she is really expecting a baby. According to insiders, at the last few parties she refused alcohol, so as not to harm the baby's health.

Musk and Grimes have been together for about two years. As a couple, they first made their debut at the Costume Institute Ball in May 2018. This child (unless, of course, it is confirmed that the singer is pregnant precisely from the founder of Tesla) will be the first for Grimes. But Mask already has five children from a previous relationship.

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