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In Russia, a girl was beaten up at school because of fake sneakers


Source: Rambler

A resident of Chelyabinsk said that her daughter was beaten by her classmates because of fake Balenciaga sneakers. This was reported by the publication of the "First Regional".

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According to the mother of the victim, girls from a parallel fifth grade beat her daughter 18 in March. The woman claims that the conflict arose because of the fake Balenciaga sneakers, which she presented to her daughter on March 8, writes Rambler.

“We went and bought, gave them seven thousand rubles. I do not know how much it costs not fake, but what we sell in Chelyabinsk is what we wear. I am a mother of three children that I can, then I buy, my child does not walk naked. And so the girls reacted, either take it off, or the money, or we will beat you, ”said the mother of the injured girl.

According to her, the child was diagnosed with head injury and damage to the nose. The woman also said that the children had beaten her daughter’s beating on video, and later published it on VKontakte. In addition, threats to the victim girl are constantly being received.

According to the director of the school, the school administration is aware of what happened, but they clarify that things may not be as straightforward as the mother of the injured girl says.

“We know about the unpleasant situation, the girls, apparently, did some sorting out not on the school grounds, not during the educational process, going home, began to sort things out with each other,” said the director of the educational institution.

According to her, before that, girls had a conflict in social networks, where they insulted and humiliated each other.

"That is, such slang, mate, how they insult each other, humiliate, and then it all translates into such street, unpleasant showdowns," the school's director quoted as saying.

She also noted that the school administration understands the situation, parents are invited, the police are notified, “but the situation is such that it is not clear who the instigator is today, the injured party or not.”


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