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In Ohio, a woman was able to call 911 with a boa around her neck


Source: Русская служба BBC

A woman from Sheffield Lake (Ohio) suffered from the bites of her own boa constrictor, which she “saved” on Wednesday, July 26, reports Русская служба BBC.

Boa. Photo:

After the snake wrapped around the neck of an American woman and began to bite her nose, she called the emergency number 911 and reported the incident.

“What's the matter with you ma'am? Are you on the street with a boa constrictor that stuck in your face? ”- the operator was surprised and said that he had not encountered such incidents before.

The woman explained that the boa reaches the length of 1,6 m, and she really is in danger.

“There is blood everywhere!” The American woman said in panic.

After these words, the ambulance immediately left for the victim. Rescuers found a woman on the driveway to her garage.

“He [the boa constrictor] coiled around her neck, bit her nose and did not let go,” he told a local newspaper Chronicle telegram the head of the city fire department Tim Card. "They [the rescuers] had to cut off the boa's head with a knife to free the woman."

After this incident, the 45-year-old victim was hospitalized. According to doctors, her life is not in danger. According to the woman, she keeps snakes in her house and before such incidents did not occur. Now she has 11 snakes.

Note that boas can reach the 4,5 meter in length. Often they, wrapping rings around the victim, tend not only to block the flow of air into the lungs, but to stop the flow of blood. Thus, the victims of boas usually die not from suffocation, but from the fact that the blood, and hence oxygen, ceases to flow to the vital organs.

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