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In New York, a student has undressed by the blackboard, defending the right to wear any clothes.


Source: The Mirror

In New York, Cornell University 18-year-old Laetitia Chai, during the defense of her diploma, undressed after the teacher made a remark that she was dressed in an inappropriate way for public speaking, writes The Mirror.

Photo: Facebook / Lchai Thesis

According to Chai, she spoke out "against repressive beliefs and discrimination" and defended the right to wear any clothing.

Photo: Facebook / Lchai Thesis

The incident occurred when Chai defended her theses on the rehabilitation of displaced persons and refugees. The girl was wearing a long sleeved shirt and short shorts. According to her, “the first thing that the professor said is“ Is this really what you will be performing in? Your shorts are too short. ”

“The professor began to speak in front of the whole class that I invite men to look not at the content of my speech, but at my body. I told her that my appearance would not affect my performance. ”

Photo: Facebook / Lchai Thesis

Later, the professor said that she did not tell the students about "what they wear."

“I don't tell my students what to wear, and I don't tell what outfit to wear. I ask them to think about themselves and make their own decision, ”says the professor.

The 11 of 14 students who were present in the classroom stated that Leticia did not accurately convey the incident.

According to them, one of the key points on which the professor insisted was that it was important to keep in mind “professionalism in certain situations, for example, during public speaking”.

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