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In Connecticut, robbers were caught because of their love for sweets. A PHOTO


Source: Fox News

A rather peculiar crime was committed in Tolland County, Connecticut. Two robbers entered the house, seeing a chic wedding cake left in the kitchen by the glass door, said Fox News.


Apparently, the treat was so attractive and appetizing that 26-year-old Eric Rowson and 24-year-old Zakari Yurevich could not resist the temptation to feast on this culinary treasure. The young people tried to enter the house without causing destruction, but this was not possible.

Apparently, the desire to taste the delicious was so strong that the criminals decided to break the glass door on the veranda of the house. To do this, they broke into the castle of a neighboring mansion, stole a baseball bat there, and with its help made their way to the kitchen, where they were treated to food. It is noteworthy that the offenders did not take anything else in the neighbor's house.

Photo: Tolland Police

In the house where the wedding cake was, they grabbed a bottle of alcohol, a wallet and a laptop, but compared to the cake, these are more “familiar” trophies. So, once in the kitchen, the attackers literally dug into the treat, smeared with cream and devoured the dessert, forgetting about everything. In this form, they were found by the owner, who immediately called the police. Now the sweet tooth will have a long time to feast: both were arrested and awaiting trial.

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