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In California, the girl died, which by mistake were treated for flu


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12-year-old Alyssa Alcaras from Visalia, Calif., Felt ill a few days ago - everyone, including doctors, decided that the teenager had the flu. Unfortunately, the diagnosis was wrong, writes ABC 30.

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When the girl showed signs of flu, relatives say, there were so many people around who were sure that it was a virus, that no one could objectively assess the real situation. Already after her death, it turned out that Alissa was infected with a bacterial infection that was rapidly developing in her body.

As the girl's sister recalls, everyone decided that she had food poisoning, which means that she would pass quickly. The doctors said she was sick with the flu. But after a few days at home, it turned out that Alissa was getting worse, and then she was taken to a hospital, where it turned out that the level of oxygen in her body is very low. After a couple of hours, the organs began to fail, a clinical death occurred six times before the girl died.

The death certificate says that she suffered a cardiac arrest and septic shock as a result of a streptococcal infection, which none of the Alyssa family and the doctors who treated her had guessed. There was a medical error for which you had to pay too high a price.

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