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In which states can I pay a fine for clothes sticking out of clothes?


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Jeans or trousers hanging on the hips, an elastic band sticking out from underpants - this is sagging. Born among African Americans who served time, this fashion has now finally become mainstream. Although for segging in the wrong place, in some places you can even end up behind bars. " report"Figured out the history of the mast pants.

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On the other side of the lattice

There is no debate about where sagging originated, and there never has been. As they do not argue about what caused the birth of such an unusual fashion. In the 1980s, lap belts were banned in most U.S. prisons because inmates could use them as a weapon or as a suicide weapon. As for the prison uniform, it was available in only a few sizes, and quite large. At the same time, the prisoners, as a rule, got trousers not according to their figure, but a couple of sizes larger. As a result, for many inmates, the trousers dangled at the hips, gathered in baggy folds along the entire length of the trousers, and almost fell when moving quickly.

In the early 1990s, many young African Americans and Hispanics continued to wear their pants down upon their return to freedom, emphasizing their status as an ex-inmate, and therefore their own authority in the harsh world of the ghetto. Quite quickly, they began to imitate those who had not yet been imprisoned, but led the life of a street gangster.

The first half of the 1990s was the heyday of gangsta rap, with its stories of crimes committed in the texts, indispensable photographs with guns in their hands and external copying of gang members. Stars like Tupac Shakur and Snoop Dogg didn't even shy away from dressing up as members of the Bloods and Crips, so sagging quickly became commonplace for them. Naturally, rap fans across America certainly began to copy idols. It doesn’t matter that you are from a middle-class family, but your mother forbids you to enter the ghetto, lower your pants - and already a gangster.

Against this background, a second legend appeared about the origin of the Sagging. Say, in US prisons only those prisoners who either were ready for sexual relations with other inmates or had already been “lowered” lowered their pants. And a beautiful legend about segging as a symbol of the coolness of the imprisoned person was thought up already at large as a cover. One way or another, but in the second half of 1990's, pop stars, rappers, and young students, and stern ghetto men shone elastic bands from underpants.

On the first coming of the segging, as a rule, chinos, sweatpants, shorts and bermudas were lowered. In African-American culture, pants were lowered so strongly that almost all buttocks were visible, but mainstream lovers of segging preferred to light only a wide elastic band from underwear. By the beginning of 2000's, the hobby for sagging in pop culture had disappeared, but the rappers continued to lower their pants for a while during their performances. However, this was more likely for the performers of the new wave, like Ludacris and Nelly, who introduced fashion for sports suits among rappers, the pants of which were hanging on the hips.

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All changed by a teenager

By the end of 2000's, the segging finally shrank to the ghetto level. Those who stayed continued to lower the pants, but those who did not sit were no longer dressed. Everything was changed by a teenager who did not sit and was not going to the zone, but really wanted to get rid of the image of a sweet boy and become a real brutal. His name was Justin Bieber. Having successfully completed puberty and earning tens of millions with sugary songs about teenage love, in 2010, Bieber decided to radically change his image and become cool.

The Canadian perfectly caught the general trend towards the transformation of R'n'B, and then rap into the fashionable mainstream, and, at least visually, became a real successor to the work of 2Pac and Ludacris. A cap turned back to front with a flat visor, a naked torso covered with tattoos, a massive chain around his neck, pants hanging on his hips that seemed to not cover his panties at all - to be a dark-skinned rapper, Bieber lacked only skin color and rap.

The only exception to the sagging classic that the Canadian allowed himself was the replacement of chinos and baggy pants with skinny jeans. Since the return of the lowered pants did not occur from below, but from above, the new fashion again spread faster than in its first run. In addition, in the 2010s, girls also became interested in sagging. Initially, in African American culture, sagging was an exclusively male fashion phenomenon, and with its transition to the mainstream in the 1990s, there were few female saggers.

The most prominent examples are No Doubt soloist Gwen Stefani and members of the Destiny's Child group Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. Moreover, the latter signed an advertising contract with Tommy Hilfiger and appeared at various events in the sports underwear of the brand - the elastic of underwear was sticking out from under the pants, and the bra was visible due to the unbuttoned zipper of a denim or sports jacket.

During the second wave of sagging, singers, actresses and models began to lower their pants, showing everyone the elastic of their underpants. And not just African Americans. Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Kristen Stewart, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Poppy Delevingne and many others have been spotted sagging. Naturally, not without the interest of manufacturers of underwear. While Tommi Hilfiger was its main supporter during the first wave of sagging, during the second wave Calvin Klein seized the championship. It was the underwear of this American brand that most celebrities “shone”. A little later, Supreme joined the trend and did not hesitate to demonstrate sagging in their advertising shoots.

However, most mainstream stars were limited to only demonstrating the elastic of their sports underwear, especially since models with wide white, black or red elastic bands with the brand name written on them in large letters appeared in the range of almost all lingerie manufacturers. The Tru Seaggers, which showed up almost all the cowards as a whole, were still only rappers. Rappers and justin bieber.

Above the law

The absolute majority of modern lovers to lower their pants are not only not sitting, but also trying to get as far as possible from any associations with crime. However, in some states of the United States, for the very fact of segging, one can run into problems with the law and even go to jail.

Virginia legislators began to fight saggers, where in February 2005 a bill was proposed according to which the appearance in a public place in pants lowered in a lewd or indecent manner was to be punished by a fine of 50 dollars. But the Senate committee rejected the bill. Much more successful were the legislators of the city of Albany, Alabama. By city law, there must be no more than three inches between the hem of trousers or skirts and the hips. The first violation of the law was punishable by a fine of 25 dollars, the second and subsequent - 250 dollars. In the first year of the law, 187 citizens were fined, totaling $3 in fines.

In 2011, sagging was banned in all schools in Florida, and in Fort Worth, Texas, saggers were banned from using city buses. Moreover, the controllers drove more than 50 people out of the buses. Many airlines stopped letting saggers on board, even if they were stars and millionaires. So, US Airways did not let the star of the American football team of the University of New Mexico Deshawn Marman, and Southwest Airlines - singer Billy Joe Armstrong.

Then the landings began. In 2012, in Alabama, 20-year-old delinquent LaMarcus Ramsay went to jail for three days for wearing his pants down to court. In 2013, the Massachusetts-based nonprofit Black Mental Health Alliance lobbied for an amendment to the public nuisance law that would allow saggers to be jailed for three years. Fortunately, things did not go further than a PR campaign and a loud discussion in the local media.

Nevertheless, it is still possible to go to jail for a decent term for wearing pants that are lowered in the USA. In the town of Ocala, Florida, appearing in a public place with your pants down and showing your underwear is punishable by a $500 fine or imprisonment for up to six months. Similar fines apply in Wildwood, New Jersey. So, before you lower your pants, it is better to study local legislation.

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