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In India, found a girl-Mowgli, brought up monkeys


Source: Deccan Chronicle.

In the jungle of the state of Uttar Pradesh in northern India, near the border with Nepal, police found a girl 8-10 years, who lived in a pack of monkeys.

The first to report an unusual member of the monkey pack was the villagers near the Katarniagat nature reserve. After the message, the police outfit headed into the jungle and found the pack in which the girl lived peacefully, she was clearly a full member of the pack. It was very difficult to take her out of there - the girl herself fiercely fought back, besides, the monkeys brutally attacked the police.

Now the Mowgli girls are busy with the police, they are trying to find out who she is and who her parents are, how she ended up in the jungle with the animals. Militiamen assume that the girl spent more than one year in the flock.

The girl was placed in the hospital, doctors say that the child is somewhat exhausted, because the usual diet of monkeys does not give a person full nutrition. She does not speak, but happily comes in contact with people, she conveys all her messages and emotions with a screech. After the girl has gained a little weight, she will probably be transferred for further examination at the Medical Institute of Lucknow. Then they will work with her in a shelter for socialization. Psychologists believe that the girl has a chance to socialize and become a full member of society.

The head of the local community visited the girl and gave her the name Forest Durga in honor of the Hindu warrior goddess. It is believed that the patronage of such a deity will help the girl to overcome all the hardships. While Forest Durga still walks on all fours and eats like animals.

Writer R. Kipling in the tale of Mowgli described real facts - in India, children raised by wolves were found earlier, but a man was found in a monkey pack for the first time.

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