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After visiting the pedicure salon, a woman was hospitalized with an infection.


Source: ABC

In Indiana in Noblesville, Jennifer White, after visiting with the daughters of the salon “Nails and Lounge”, was hospitalized with a serious foot infection, writes ABC.

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According to the woman, two weeks after the pedicure procedure, she noticed that her leg was swollen and turned purple. The woman was hospitalized with a severe infection. She stayed in the hospital for almost a week.

“I was worried that I might lose my toe or leg. I can't go back to work just because of the 35-minute pedicure procedure, ”said White.

Doctors say that it is possible that during the procedure a woman received a scratch through which the infection fell.

“I'm still in the hospital, and the doctors say it's because of the salon. The unsanitary conditions in the cabin led to infection, ”White said.

According to the Indiana Administrative Code, it is forbidden to use shaving tools in salons to reduce or remove corns.

Manager Nails and Lounge says that they did not use any prohibited devices, and that all tools are processed and disposed of in accordance with state law. The salon said that after each use the baths for a pedicure are being processed, but because of this incident, the salon ordered special plastic liners for the baths.

The spa manager denies that the woman suffered because of the pedicure procedure, but is willing to cooperate with White and pay her medical bills.

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