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In Hyundai fired model for menstruation


Source: with the BBC

Model filed a complaint against the automaker Hyundai, claiming she was fired from her job for menstruation.

27-year-old Rachel Rickert claims she was "humiliated" by representing the brand. Hyundai at the New York International Auto Show in April. She says that while she was working, she needed a break to go to the toilet, but the management refused to allow her to do so, explaining that the office was too busy. She could not get into the toilet room in time to replace a hygienic tampon.

Office Representatives Hyundai Motor America said they understand the details of the charges.


Rachel Rickert stated that she had to change her damaged underwear and tights, which she informed her agent Eric Seyfred. Later, she received a message from Erica that the company was giving the model a day off the next day. Rachel turned down the day off because she didn't want to lose her hourly pay for the job. But when she went to the office the next day, she suddenly learned of her dismissal. The only reason for this decision was precisely the incident with "critical days".

The girl was extremely discouraged and upset, because menstruation is a completely natural period in the life of every woman.


She later filed a discrimination complaint with the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against the company. Hyundai Motor America and against Mrs. Safred in particular.

At the same time, the model, which previously participated in approximately 50-like exhibitions, says that it feels disgraced because of the alleged actions of the group.



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