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What is the secret of a good figure by Anna Kournikova


Source: Rambler

At the end of 2016, the famous tennis player became a mother. And at the beginning of this year, she published a video and aroused the enthusiasm of subscribers: Anna danced on a yacht and looked amazing.


How a young woman works on herself and what is the secret of her gorgeous figure, tells Rambler. Sport is present in Anna's life all her life: she was born in a sports family, at the age of five she started playing tennis, and at 14 she became a professional player. But training for six hours a day was not the only rule that helped a girl stay on top.

She eats well

Anna does not like diets, but considers balanced nutrition to be the basis of everything. She does not limit herself to food and does not count calories, but prefers vegetables and fruits to other products. Her morning begins with a glass of water or green apple. The girl admits that there are “McDonald's days” in her diet, but this is the exception rather than the rule.



She regularly goes in for sports

Anna plays sports every day. Jogging on 5-6 kilometers, jumping rope or yoga classes are constantly present in her life. No matter how the day evolves, she always finds 30 — 40 minutes for physical activity.

“I love exercising and sweating while exercising - this is a visual result of the exercise,” says Anna.


She continues to play tennis

Anna Kournikova ended her sports career in 2003, but tennis still remains in her life. She is faithful to the courts and gets real pleasure from it. The game of tennis improves coordination, it is an excellent aerobic exercise and strength training. One of the advantages of this hobby: more than 500 calories are burned per hour game.


She does not sit still

Anna does not like to sit still. Roller skating or a regular trip to the store - it is important for her to be constantly in motion. This confirms her instagram: sometimes she needs only a rug or a regular chair to complete a workout. Anna is not looking for excuses not to go to the gym, she finds any opportunity to work on herself here and now.

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