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In Brazil, twins were born four months after the death of a mother


Source: FOX29

A resident of Contanda, Brazil, Zampoli Padilla suffered a stroke in the ninth week of pregnancy. The woman was waiting for the twins.

The kids were born 123 a day after the doctors had ascertained the death of their mother's brain, reports FOX29.

For four months, the doctors supported life in the body of the 21-year-old Zampoli so that her children could grow up in the womb. According to some doctors, this is the longest period in similar cases in medicine.

Muriel Padilla, 24, Zampoli's husband, spoke about her last day in October. She complained of acute pain in her neck and head and passed out before they reached the hospital. Later, doctors diagnosed a severe cerebral hemorrhage.

“They told me they would give the babies three more days to live,” Muriel said. Caters news... "They added, as soon as their little hearts stop beating, they will turn off the appliances and I can bury my wife."

Despite the fact that the hospital doctors Nosso senhora do rocio in southern Brazil, babies were expected to die soon, and the organs of babies continued to function in the womb.

“They clung to life,” said Dr. Dalton Rivabam, who specializes in neurology at the hospital.

According to him, the mother’s organs were intact and functioning. The doctors decided to save her life in order to save still unborn children.

“And every day we watched them grow,” the doctor added.

Doctors, nurses and guardians decided to take care of the younger children instead of their mother. They created all the conditions for the children to feel love and support. They talked with the babies in the womb, stroked the belly, invited musicians.

Gemini Ana Vitoria and Asaf were born in February weighing 1,4 kg and 1,3 kg. In May, they were discharged from the hospital after careful observation in incubators for three months.

Padilla also has 2-year-old daughter Isa Beatrice.

“I am so proud of my daughter,” said Zampoli's mother, Angela Silva. “It was very difficult to lose her, but she was a fighter until the very end, protecting her beautiful children and giving them life until the day she finally died.”

The working bodies of Zampoli were donated after the birth of twins in order to save two lives.

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