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In America, invented a new method of vaccination without injection


Source: GMA News


Scientists at the University of Berkeley presented a new method of vaccination, through which you can refuse the painful injection. They offer to vaccinate people with a regular capsule.

New capsules allow you to deliver substances directly into the blood, without resorting to the usual injections. A capsule the size of a pill is placed in the mouth next to the cheek, the capsule shell dissolves, and the vaccine almost instantly penetrates the mucous membrane into the blood.

Professor of Bioengineering Niren Murphy told the agency’s journalists Reutersthat it is all about the speed with which substance is ejected from the capsule.

“The drug is ejected from the capsule at a very high speed - fast enough to gently penetrate epithelial cells and mucous membranes. So with this gentle penetration, in fact, proteins go through 1 or 2 barriers. ”

The project is still at the development stage, it was tested on laboratory animals, and later this method of vaccine administration will be tested on large mammals and humans.

This method of vaccine administration will not only help people who are terrified of injections, but will also make it easier to deliver and administer the vaccine in various hard-to-reach regions of the earth.

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