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Coming Soon: 7 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Pumpkin for Halloween


Source: USA Today

A couple of weeks remained before one of the most beloved American holidays. Stephen Reiners, a professor at Cornish University and an expert in vegetable crops, gave advice USA Todayhow to choose the perfect October pumpkin.


Choose a hard and hard tail

A soft or malleable pumpkin tail may indicate that the vegetable is about to spoil. The green tail says that the pumpkin has recently been cut. A brown or dark brown ponytail means that the pumpkin was cut at least a few days ago.

Do not buy a pumpkin with soft spots

Such stains on the surface of the pumpkin can potentially indicate the ingestion of insects or excess moisture, leading to moldy or putrid processes. Such a pumpkin can be used, but it will not be long to decorate your house.

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Look for a flat bottom

Before you cut Jack's flashlight, place the pumpkin on a flat surface to make sure that it does not roll. Pumpkins with a flat, even bottom will be more stable, which means they will remain in place when you decide to please others with a brand new flashlight.

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Do not rush to cut faces

Pumpkin begins to deteriorate about a week after faces and figures were cut out in it. Wait with carving to avoid being surrounded by rotten pumpkins on Halloween. Buy a pumpkin in the coming 7-10 days and leave it alone.

Do not be afraid to buy an immature pumpkin

This is perfectly normal - pumpkins continue to ripen when they have already been selected and bought. To do this, the vegetable does not have to stay in the garden. Therefore, if you now choose a lighter pumpkin, it can become a wonderful orange vegetable for the holiday.

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Do not take the pumpkin for baking

Carving pumpkins are different from pumpkins used for soups and pies. Usually, larger pumpkins are grown specifically for carving, their flesh tastes more bitter. Small pumpkins, they are also called pumpkins for pies, which weigh from 2 to 3 kilograms, are suitable for food and do not “hold” the drawing well.

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Choose a rough pumpkin

There is nothing terrible in the fact that outwardly the pumpkin will not be perfect. After all, this Halloween is quite possible, its imperfect form will give your design work a more awesome and spectacular look.

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