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Get it done in 10 minutes: examples of awfully beautiful Halloween makeup


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You have a ton of things to do, and nothing left before the Halloween house party, and you are afraid of not having time to make a cool look? Do not worry, because in this article you will find makeup that can be easily repeated. People talk.

Nancy from "Witchcraft"

You can repeat the iconic gothic beauty image of the evil schoolgirl from "Witchcraft" in four minutes.

  1. Apply a light foundation.
  2. Highlight the sides of the nose and cheekbones with a light contouring product.
  3. Powder your face with very light powder.
  4. Line up your eyes with a black pencil.
  5. Line up the lips with a wine-colored pencil.
  6. Paint your lips with dark cherry lipstick.
  7. Put on your fake nose ring.

Zombie girl

Zombie makeup will never go out of style!

  1. Apply a light tone.
  2. Paint your eyes with brown eyeshadow with a gray undertone.
  3. Use mascara for volume.
  4. Take a brush and use the same shadows to draw bruises, highlight the cheekbones and nose, like the skull.
  5. Above and below the lips, draw white vertical lines using the lighter matte shadows.
  6. Paint your lips with a dark pink lipstick.


  1. Make a tone.
  2. Highlight the cheekbones and nose with a dark contouring product. Blend.
  3. Line your eyes in a cat-eye style.
  4. Highlight the corners of the eyes with white shadows.
  5. Highlight the place above the upper eyelid, under the eyebrow, with dark brown shadows. Blend.
  6. Apply gold glitter eyeshadow to the upper lid.
  7. Apply mascara to your lashes.
  8. Use black makeup pigment to paint the nose and mustache.
  9. Use black glossy lipstick to paint your lips.
  10. Don't forget to put on your ears.

Gossamer makeup

  1. Make a tone.
  2. Paint your eyes with bright orange eyeshadow.
  3. Make arrows.
  4. Apply mascara to your lashes.
  5. Draw a thin cobweb under the left eye with a liner.



  1. Make a light tone.
  2. Make arrows.
  3. Apply a reddish eye shadow to the upper lid.
  4. Spread some reddish shadows under the eyes and paint the veins with gray shadows.
  5. Apply mascara to your lashes.
  6. Paint your lips with a dark wine-colored lipstick.
  7. Put on your vampire fangs.

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