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Actress and director Galina Volchek passed away


Source: RBC

The artistic director of the Moscow Sovremennik Theater was 86 years old. She died a week after her birthday, writes RBC.

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Galina Volchek, artistic director of the Moscow Sovremennik Theater, has died. It is reported press office theater.

“The date and time of farewell will be announced later,” the message said.

“Yes, I confirm,” said RBC the director of the literary part of the theater Evgenia Kuznetsova.

The fact that Volchek was hospitalized due to lung problems was announced on December 23. The next day, REN TV and the Telegram channel Mash reported that the artistic director fell into a coma. Mash also reported that Volchek began complications in the heart and kidneys due to acute cardiovascular failure, as well as diagnosed with swelling of the lower extremities. The press service of the "Contemporary" RBC denied this information. The theater also said that her condition is assessed as stable, but requires inpatient treatment.

December 25, the theater’s press secretary Elena Volkova told RBC that Volchek’s condition had not changed.

“So far, everything is the same, without changes, hospitalized. We hope to recover soon, ”she said.

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Photo: video frameYouTube / Moscow 24

On the afternoon of December 26, Volkova in a conversation with RBC said that information about the complications about the state of health of the artistic director Sovremennik did not enter the theater.

“There is no such information,” she said.

Last fall, opening the 64th season of Sovremennik, the theater’s artistic director arrived at the event in a wheelchair. During a meeting with the troupe, Volchek, among other things, admitted that she needed an assistant.

“I haven’t been ill for so long that now I have probably been ill for a lifetime. I got sick before the holidays and got sick all the time, I was in hospitals and I don’t know how much remains to be done. Therefore, you must understand that we need to find someone who will help us all and be on the post when I myself can’t do it, ”Teleprogramma.Pro reports her words.

Galina Volchek is a Soviet and Russian actress, director, teacher. On December 19 she turned 86 years old. Volchek was born in Moscow in the family of the famous film director and cameraman Boris Volchek. She graduated from the acting department of the Moscow Art Theater School. She was one of the founders of Sovremennik, the first theater in the Soviet Union, organized on the initiative of young actors. For several years she was its leading actress.

Among her roles - Nyurka in "Forever Alive", Amelia in "The Ballad of a Sad Zucchini", Anna Andreevna in "The Inspector General", Martha in "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf". From 1961 she worked as a director. In 1962 she made her debut with the play “Two on a Swing” by William Gibson, which existed in the Sovremennik's repertoire for almost 30 years. Since 1972 he has been the chief director of Sovremennik, since 1982 - the artistic director. She played in Georgy Danelia's film "Autumn Marathon".

Volchek was awarded the title of Hero of Labor, full holder of the Order of Merit for the Fatherland, laureate of the USSR State Prize and the Prize of the President of Russia. She was a deputy of the State Duma of the second convocation.

The actress and director will be buried at the Novodevichy cemetery in Moscow, writes Radio Liberty.

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