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'More than half of me left': Kobzon's widow cannot learn to live without her husband



Almost six months have passed since the death of Joseph Kobzon. But his widow still has not put in order all the numerous affairs of the patriarch of the national variety art.

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Nelly Kobzon lived with the legendary artist 48 for years, becoming his third and last wife. Therefore, now it is especially difficult for her without a man’s shoulder next to, they write

“More than half of me is gone,” the widow sighs. “I’m trying to find peace of mind after my husband’s death, and I can’t.”

Nelli Mikhailovna, a blooming woman, sees her mission on earth in continuing her husband's work - to do good. She has a lot of ideas, she says she has a lot to do.

“Of course, it’s not easy for me,” she told the program “You Won't Believe It!” on NTV. - After all, the mere presence of Joseph Davydovich opened many doors, solved the most difficult issues (for example, he helped to free many hostages from the building of “Nord-Ost” seized in 2002 by terrorists - Ed.). I certainly cannot do that, but I will try very hard. ”

Today Nellie Kobzon headed a charitable foundation named after her husband. However, when she estimated the scale of the work, which the singer managed to do in parallel with the pop career, she was at first frightened, but she was confident that she would succeed.

Recall that Joseph Kobzon himself during his lifetime was a member of several charitable organizations, was the president of the regional fund "Shield and Lyre", created by the Public Council and the Main Department of Internal Affairs of the city of Moscow. He helped the children of police officers killed in the line of duty, maintained two orphanages, donated generously for the restoration of Orthodox churches, and helped Jews.

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