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'Harvest' 2020: which celebrity families have babies this year



The current year has been extremely fruitful for many celebrities. Children appeared in dozens of families directly related to show business. Summing up and recalling who had to regularly buy diapers in the year remembered by the global pandemic, writes

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Natalia Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov shared happy moments almost immediately after the birth of their second son Ivan. A happy event happened in October, but Natalia has already completely returned to her former shape.

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Singer Katy Perry and actor Orlando Bloom also became parents in the past year. Katie gave birth to a daughter in a California clinic. The lovers did not hide the name of the newborn and even started a charity project timed to coincide with the birth of Daisy.

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Yana Rudkovskaya and Evgeny Plushenko amazed the audience by reporting that a replenishment had occurred in their family. The music producer and her figure skater husband became the parents of the second common son Arseny. The baby was born with the help of a surrogate mother.

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Children Valeria Syutkina there is a big age difference: his eldest daughter turned forty, and the youngest son Leo was born in August this year. The news that a replenishment happened in the family of Valery Miladovich came as a real surprise, because the singer and his wife carefully concealed the pregnancy.

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World ballet star Sergey Polunin and Olympic figure skating champion Elena Ilinykh became parents in mid-January 2020. The couple hid the birth of their son from the fans for a long time, and then reported that the boy received the extraordinary name Mir.

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Ilon Mask became a father for the sixth time, and then launched his own rocket into space. Whatever one may say, the end of spring was eventful for the billionaire. Canadian singer Grimes became the baby's mother. Elon's fans are sure that the child was born under a lucky star. But they gave him a very unconventional name - X Æ A-12, here each character has its own meaning: X is an unknown variable, Æ is the elven spelling of the word Ai (love or artificial intelligence), A-12 is a reconnaissance plane.

Hollywood actress Milla Jovovich became a mother for the third time. At the beginning of the year, another girl was born in the celebrity family, who was named Ocean. Now the artist often shares touching photos and videos with the baby with subscribers.

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Long Evgeny Petrosyan and Tatiana Brukhunova denied that they had become the parents of a common child. But after the first publication of a picture of little Vagan in his father's microblog, the young mother began to periodically share photos with her son, who was born this year.

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The singer's wife Robbie Williams actress Ayda Field reported the good news: on Valentine's Day, the couple had a fourth child. The boy was tolerated by a surrogate mother, so no one knew about the imminent addition to the family. The boy was named Bo Benedict Anthony.

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Miniature wife of the CEO of Channel One Konstantin Ernst Sophia this year gave birth to his third child, a son. The parents have not yet disclosed the child's name.

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That Jude Law and his wife Philip expect an addition to the family, reported back in early August. But the artist officially confirmed the birth of the baby only in September. The handsome actor is a father of many children, and he took the birth of his sixth child quite simply, reporting about him in an interview immediately after telling about his hobby for gardening. Neither the name nor the gender of the baby has yet been announced.

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One of the world's most famous plus-size models Ashley Graham On January 18 this year, she gave birth to a son. For her, this child was the first. Now pictures of a happy Ashley with her son in her arms now and then appear on the network.

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In early September Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Baldwin reported that they became the parents of the fifth common baby. This child was long-awaited for the couple, because the actor's wife had lost two kids a year and a half before. Now photos of his son often appear on the social networks of his famous father.

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