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Hurricane Florence live: broadcast from surveillance cameras


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The outer belt of the second category hurricane Florence reached the coast of North Carolina on the morning of September 13.

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This is the beginning of a long-lasting attack of wind and water on the region, which can cause devastating damage, as well as lead to floods that will affect millions of people.

During Thursday, weather conditions will deteriorate: the winds will accelerate, the rain will intensify, and the ocean will leave the usual shores.

According to forecasts, the center of the hurricane will land on Friday in southeastern North Carolina, which will lead to very serious and dangerous weather conditions in the region: a strong rise in ocean levels and heavy rainfall from 20 to 40 inches (50-100 cm).

The National Hurricane Center warns that floods from storm surges and precipitation can be "catastrophic."

The same zone will suffer from devastating hurricane winds, which will not cease for almost a day, and the weather conditions of a tropical storm will be observed in the state for about 48 hours. Winds can cause damage to houses, knock down trees and break power lines.

You can follow the development of events in real time, thanks to cameras installed in the regions under the influence of the elements. We collected several broadcasts.

Frying Pan Tower (North Carolina)

Outer Banks, North Carolina

Situation tracking from the Washington Post

Broadcast from multiple cameras in North Carolina

Fox News Stream from event video and expert comments

Broadcast from several cameras from the channel 2.0 Disaster

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