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Hooray, the children went to school! 5 reasons to celebrate


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A summer spent in the friendly company of your schoolchildren can be amazing: exciting and fun, filled with priceless moments, joyful events and adventures. And also - endless cooking, cleaning, washing and non-stop answers to "ma-a-am?" without the opportunity to be alone with yourself.

That is why at the end of August - beginning of September, the Internet is flooded with photos of happy moms who relax in lounge chairs and drink cocktails, relax in the pools or simply jump for joy - the summer is over and the school begins! What will we celebrate?

1. Silence


The priceless gift of the school year is the possibility of at least half a day (and the lucky moms get a whole day as a gift) to spend in silence, without endless noise, din, shouting and questions.

2. Saving


How to please the child? Buy him something. Yes, psychologists criticize this method, but the fact is a fact - in the summer we go and go to shops, restaurants, shopping centers and amusement parks an order of magnitude more often than in other seasons.

3. Relaxation


Finally! Of course, you continue to cook and clean. But when children sit at home all day long, this work turns into hard labor: they, at a minimum, eat excess 1-2 times (usually more often), and with greater intensity turn any room into a landfill.

4. Job


Those mothers who work from home get the long-awaited opportunity to do it calmly, efficiently and efficiently. Nobody stands above the soul, does not "mum" and does not demand attention. Yes, you love them very much, but there is work to be done.

5. Privacy


Someone constantly goes after you and asks what are we going to do together (aaaa!) Now and today. Computers and televisions are occupied by young viewers, and reading books is simply unrealistic - they are constantly being torn off. And now this hour has come!

Fuh! You can exhale, lie on the sofa, turn on your favorite TV series and drink a cocktail. You deserve it.

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