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Slim waist exercises that really work


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Is it necessary to twist the hula hoop, stand in a plank and swing the press for a thin waist, says Lifehacker.

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Why doesn't the waist look thin?

Due to the peculiarities of the skeleton

The ratio of the waist to the hips is due to the characteristics of the skeleton. If you have a narrow rib cage and a wide pelvis, your waist will appear thinner even if you are overweight.

People with a rectangular or triangular body type have a wide chest, and the hips either coincide with it in width, or have a smaller girth. Therefore, it is more difficult for them to reduce the waist.

Due to the amount of fat

Fat deposits on the abdomen can widen the waist, even in those with a narrow chest and wide hips. Such a "lifeline" arises primarily from an excess of calories in the diet.

In addition, high levels of fructose, lack of dietary protein, lack of activity, stress, poor sleep, smoking and alcohol contribute to the accumulation of belly fat. By eliminating all these factors, you will lose fat and see how thin your waist is.

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Due to the thickness of the oblique abdominal muscles

The external oblique muscles of the abdomen are part of the abdominal muscles. They help the rectus abdominis to bend the spine and lower the ribs, and with a one-sided contraction, they turn the torso. Therefore, all abdominal exercises with body twists focus on pumping these muscles.

To see how their thickness affects body contours, just look at CrossFit athletes with a pumped core. They have no excess fat: the cubes are perfectly visible, but the wasp waist is not visible either.

However, such a figure was formed after long and hard training. Athletes specifically pump up the obliques by doing a lot of core exercises. From ordinary activities in the gym or at home, you will not have such reliefs.

Is there anything you can do with this?

It all depends on the reason why your waist is not thin. If there is excess belly fat, but the skeletal structure allows you to have a wasp waist, exercise will definitely help. If you have a rectangular figure, losing fat will reduce your waist but will not make your silhouette look like an hourglass.

Do you need to do any special exercises?

In one study, six weeks of abdominal exercise did not produce any results: did not lose weight, did not remove fat from the abdomen. In another experiment, 12 weeks of diet combined with abdominal workout gave exactly the same results as a diet without exercise at all.

Abdominal exercises do not help you achieve a thin waist or burn belly fat.

Any type of workout can be used to cope with fat. The more intensive and longer the classes are held, the better. This will help you burn more calories and lose body fat faster.

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Therefore, it makes no sense to perform endless planks, twists, folds and other abdominal exercises. It is much more effective to jump burpees, go for a run, or do a high-intensity interval complex for the whole body.

Are there exercises you shouldn't do?

If every millimeter in your waist is important to you, you should not do exercises for pumping the oblique abdominal muscles. These are any movements with turns of the body: oblique twists, side bends with dumbbells or on a block simulator, side planks, Russian twists, "lumberjack" with a dumbbell or a medicine ball.

I heard the hoop helps. It's true?

This is unexpected, but the hoop really helps to reduce the waist circumference. A recent study found that six weeks of twisting a weighted hoop (1,5kg) reduced belly fat by 2% and gotten 3,1cm thinner waist.

At the same time, scientists do not understand why this happened. Perhaps this is due to mechanical stimulation of fat cells.

In any case, if you are overweight, twisting the hoop alone will not be enough for a thin waist. It is much better to use an integrated approach: diet, exercise for the whole body and daily workouts with a weighted hoop from 13 minutes.

But what if there is no fat or waist?

If the fat is gone, but the waist has not appeared, most likely, the matter is in the peculiarities of your structure. You can live with it and live without the "hourglass" or turn to plastic surgery.

To make the waist more pronounced, people go through a resection - the removal of one or more pairs of lower ribs. After such an intervention, due to the contraction of the abdominal muscles, the waist circumference decreases.

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This operation has a rather long recovery period (2-3 days in the hospital and a month in a corset). Complications are possible in the form of impaired renal function, frequent colds and pain.

Are there simpler options?

If plastic surgery does not appeal to you, try adjusting your figure with clothing. Wear fluffy skirts that visually widen the hips, mid-rise jeans. Opt for a dark top and a light bottom, try belted clothes, dresses with contrasting side panels.

In our opinion, if you have a healthy body without excess fat and harmoniously developed muscles, what difference does it make if your waist looks like an aspen or not? Enjoy your beauty and don't risk your health for dubious aesthetic benefits.

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