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Dying 13-year-old girl saved a record number of lives


Source: BBC News

Jemima Lyzell, 13-year-old Briton, who died of aneurysm in 2012, saved a record number of lives: the girl’s organs were transplanted to eight people, five of whom are children. This is the largest donation in the history of the country's national health service. All recipients are alive only because Jemima decided to become an organ donor while still alive. This September 8 told BBC News.


Jemima's story is impossible to read without tears: four years ago the whole family celebrated the birthday of Sofia, the girl's mother. Suddenly, in the midst of a merry celebration, Jemima became ill and she lost consciousness. Reaching the hospital, parents learned that their daughter had an aneurysm in the brain. For four days the best doctors fought for the life of a teenager, but failed to save her.

Shortly before the tragedy, there was a conversation between mother and daughter, in which they discussed the death of friends in a car accident. Dead family friends were in the registry of organ donors, but due to the fact that the death occurred as a result of the accident, the organs could not be taken for transplantation. It turned out that earlier Jemima had not heard about the donation. The girl sincerely worried about this topic and admitted to her mother that she understood the importance of such a decision.

After Jemima died, her parents decided that she would like to save someone's life through organ donation, so they signed an agreement to the procedure. The intestines, pancreas, heart, both lungs, kidneys and liver (split in two) were transplanted. According to the parents, they instinctively wanted to say “No” in order to protect the body of their child. But they agreed, because in the conversation Jemima expressed her position.

“A daughter would be proud of her heritage,” Sophie Lyzell said. The family set up a trust fund named after Jemima, dedicated to promoting awareness of brain disease and organ donation.

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