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Died performer of the main role in the film 'Spring on Zarechnaya Street' Nina Ivanova

03.12.2020, 12: 27 EST

A source: RBC

In the 87th year of life, the actress and director Nina Ivanova died, writes RBC.

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The role of the teacher of Russian and literature Tatyana Sergeevna brought Nina Ivanova all-Union fame. Subsequently, she played in a dozen more films, and then began a directing career. The sad news about the death of the artist was reported on the website of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia.

Nina Ivanova died on December 1 after a long illness.

The message says that the farewell to the actress will take place on December 4 in the farewell hall of the morgue of Hospital No. 59 in Moscow.

Nina Ivanova was born on January 6, 1934 in Moscow. For the first time she played a role in a movie at the age of ten, playing in the film "Once upon a time there was a girl" directed by Victor Eismont. After that, Ivanova did not appear in the cinema for more than ten years, graduated from school and entered a medical institute.

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The return to the cinema happened by chance, when her acquaintance, studying at VGIK, offered to play a role in her graduation film. This work was noticed by director Marlen Khutsiev and decided to invite Ivanova to shoot in his new film.

The film, which Khutsiev shot together with Felix Mironer, was called "Spring on Zarechnaya Street." In it Ivanova played the main role of the teacher of the Russian language and literature Tatyana Sergeevna. The appearance in this picture brought the actress all-Union fame.

Screenshot: RVISION: Movies and TV series / YouTube

Subsequently, Ivanova played in a dozen more films, however, due to the difficulties arising in the performance of roles due to the lack of professional acting education, she decided to abandon her further acting career.

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