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Oleg Tabakov died: the artist was 82 of the year


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People's Artist of the USSR, artistic director of the Moscow Art Theater, died in Moscow. Chekhov and "Tabakerki" Oleg Tabakov, according to the press service of the theater.

The artist was 82 of the year. Doctors fought for his life for several months. In the last minutes the family was next to the artist.

Photo of the press service of the theater

Oleg Tabakov was hospitalized on the afternoon of November 27, 2017. The artist came for a scheduled appointment with the dentist, from where he was urgently taken to the intensive care unit of the First City Hospital. As told in the "Snuffbox" theater, the actor was given implants in a private clinic in the capital.

Later it became known that Tabakov was diagnosed with sepsis. How the artist received blood poisoning was not specified.

The actor's health deteriorated sharply in the afternoon of November 28. He was hooked up to a ventilator and placed a tracheostomy - an artificial windpipe - a tube that fits into the trachea. Later, the state of Oleg Pavlovich was stabilized, the newspaper writes Days.

In early January, 2018, the Tabakov observed a positive trend. It was reported that the artist reacted to the inspection and complained of mild pain in the lung area where drainage was installed. According to doctors, the actor was oriented in space and time. Unfortunately, the improvements were temporary.

30 January in the media spread alarming information about the state of Tabakov. It was said that the famous artist had convulsions and, most likely, the brain refused.

12 March Oleg Tabakov passed away. As transmits 112 telegram channel, the artist disconnected from the life support apparatus.

Oleg Tabakov - the founder, artistic director of the theater under the direction of Oleg Tabakov ("Snuffbox") - awarded the title of People's Artist of the USSR, is a laureate of the State Prizes of the USSR (1967) and Russia (1997), as well as a full holder of the Order of Merit to the Fatherland and member of the Council for Culture and Arts under the President of Russia.

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