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Stolen life: the fate of a California girl held captive for 18 years


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It is impossible to listen to this story without a shudder. Jaycee Lee Dugard was kidnapped by a maniac and his psychopathic wife when the girl was going to school. Both policemen and a large army of volunteers were looking for her. But no traces were found. Only 18 years later, law enforcement agencies were able to expose the kidnappers, says Sok media.

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Jaycee Lee, along with her mother, stepfather and half-sister, moved to the small town of South Lake Tahoe, California, in 1990. It seemed to the family that this place was perfect for life. The town is calm and safe. But June 10, 1991 radically changed the views of the family.

The day began as usual. Mom, Terry Probin, went to work at the printing house, and Jaycee went to school. An 11-year-old girl stood at a bus stop waiting for a school bus. Suddenly a gray car stopped near her. The girl thought that the driver wanted to know the way, and went closer to the sedan. At that moment, the stranger shot her with an electroshock weapon. His partner helped pull the girl into the car. The situation happened in front of Jayce's stepfather, Karl Probin, who looked out the window. The man tried to catch up with the kidnappers' car on a bicycle, but to no avail. He called the police, but was the first to come under suspicion. To justify himself, he had to undergo several interrogations with lie detectors.

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In addition to the police, a whole army of volunteers joined the search for the girl. They pasted flyers and posters, sent information to the media, and combed the neighborhood. In support of Jaycee, residents of the city hung pink ribbons and collected money to reward those who reported the child's whereabouts. But all the actions taken did not lead to a result.

Captured by a maniac

Meanwhile, the kidnappers took the victim to their home in Antiochus and locked them in a shed in the backyard. They handcuffed the girl to the bed and frightened her with angry dogs, which would tear her to pieces if she escaped. The neighbors did not hear cries for help, as the barn was well-insulated.

It was later revealed that the perpetrators were Philip Garrido and Nancy Bocanegra. The couple had planned the kidnapping in advance. 40-year-old Philip and his wife looked after the victim on the playground. They studied her daily routine and found the right moment to commit the crime. The girl was necessary for a man for sexual pleasures and the realization of monstrous fantasies. He had previously been in prison for rape, but due to good behavior he was released. Philip was required to regularly pass police checks and wear a special bracelet. Despite this, he continued his atrocities. His wife supported Philip in everything and helped him.

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Garrido regularly raped Jaycee, beat her and inspired that in this way she was saving other children. The maniac told the girl stories about demons and angels. He assured that he is a servant of God, and she is the only one who can help him in solving problems. Garrido called his victim Snoopy, mocked her under the influence of methamphetamine. The wife recorded everything that happened on video.

At 13, the girl became pregnant. Philip brought her birth magazines and forced her to study so that she herself gave birth. At the age of 14, Dugard gave birth to a daughter, and after 3 years - a second. Jaycee even stopped trying to run away from the maniac, because she was afraid for the children.

Victim of Stockholm Syndrome

The imprisonment of the kidnapped girl continued for many years. During this time, she became a typical victim of the Stockholm syndrome. Jaycee Lee even started working as an art designer for a small print shop that Garrido owned. At the same time, she continued to live in storage rooms and tents in the backyard of her abductor, where the police did not look during the checks. Philip kept the girl and her daughters separate from each other. He taught them to call him father, and Jaycee - Alice.

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The strange behavior of Garrido and his daughters was only noticed by the police in 2009, when he tried to get permission to hold an event on the campus under the auspices of the Church of God’s Will, of which he was the creator. During interrogations, the police managed to find out the truth from Philip, which horrified even experienced operatives. Garrido was sentenced to 431 years in prison and Nancy was sentenced to 36 years.

Jaycee Lee and her daughters returned to their family and published the book "The Stolen Life", in which she described all her suffering.

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