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The girl stolen at the station was found 7 years later: how was her fate


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Not all stories of child abductions end with a happy return home. Ole Mengeres was lucky, she was able to escape from the kidnapper after 7 years. But no one will return the years without parents and love to her, writes the author of the "Cream of Society" blog on Yandex Zen.

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Four-year-old Olya Menzheres was supposed to go with her dad to her grandmother in the village. They arrived at the station in Kiev, but it was cold to stand on the street and wait for the required train. The man and his daughter went to the waiting room to warm up. Olya got hungry and asked her dad to buy her something to eat ... The man presumptuously left the girl alone - “for a minute”. This time was enough for Olya to disappear without a trace for seven long years.

The girl's father then repeatedly reproached himself for carelessness. The man grew up in a remote village, where he learned about cases of child theft only on TV. He could not even imagine that this could happen to his family.

Militiamen started looking for the girl the next day. But there were no results. Tatyana, Olya's mother, herself, in her free time from work, toured the entire branch along which her husband and daughter were supposed to go. I walked around the train stations, asked local traders and just passers-by - but no one, absolutely no one saw her Olenka.

Tatiana also turned to a psychic. With only one question - is the girl alive? She was told that she was alive, there would be a time later. Mother believed in the words of charlatans, otherwise how to live without hope?

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Tatiana and her husband are simple rural people. In addition to Olya, two more older children grew up in the family. In an attempt to find the youngest, Tatyana got into big debts. The woman gave the money to private detectives, who in fact turned out to be ordinary scammers.

Olya, for seven years, lived with a half-insane elderly woman named Valentina. The old woman's granddaughter died, and in this way she found a replacement for her. A criminal named Valentina approached Olenka standing alone at the station and begged to go with her.

The pensioner took the preschool girl to Odessa - away from the crime scene. They lived in a semi-basement broken apartment belonging to Valentina. Due to her age, Olya did not go to school - she had to show documents at admission, which, of course, the elderly woman did not have.

But the girl in different periods studied both "acting" and playing musical instruments. Valentina made Olga into a professional beggar. This is what they did most of the day. They left early in the morning, returned late in the evening. We ate whatever we could, sometimes having a snack in church.

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Valentina taught Olya literacy from magazines. This was where all her care ended. The girl walked around unwashed, wore the same clothes over the years. While she was little, she was completely dependent on Valentina and took what was happening for granted. She did not remember anything about her parents.

At the age of 11, Olya ran away from a pensioner after a quarrel with her - to her gypsy friend, whom she met on the street. For a month, the girls were begging, until a girl of Slavic appearance was noticed by a police outfit.

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Olya was taken from the street, shown on TV - suddenly someone recognizes her. A neighbor found out. Tatiana had to prove her relationship with her daughter through DNA. Olya did not immediately call her mother mother, but everything worked out. She made up for lost time in her school curriculum, entered college at 16 and is now trying to build her life.

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