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'William married a millionaire': the British were struck by the cost of Kate Middleton's dowry


Source: Radio KP

Before the wedding, Kate Middlon was considered an enviable bride for many British aristocrats. The young lady is well educated and brought up, and her parents have impressive wealth, which makes Kate's candidacy even more profitable in the eyes of applicants, writes Radio KP.

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The chosen one of Prince William never needed anything, because her parents made a fortune in the production of goods for the holidays. By the way, two years ago, Carol and Michael Middleton's firm was estimated at 40 million pounds.

Despite this, Kate showed independence from an early age. For example, after university, she did not start living on her parents' money, but got a job as an assistant purchasing accessories in the Jigsaw clothing chain.

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Due to the lack of experience, Middleton was hired only part-time. But even this little money, the future duchess managed to save for serious purposes. By this time, Kate's personal account had more than five million pounds (more than seven million dollars) collected for her by her parents.

Carol and Michael Middleton felt that if Kate had a decent dowry, the future husband would understand that she was not chasing his money, reports the Daily Star.

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Now in the British media, fans of the royal family joke that in fact, William had his eyes not at all on the beautiful brown-haired woman, but on her bank account.

"So William took a millionaire as his wife !?"

"It's amazing what kind of money Kate owned even before her marriage to the prince ... I wonder if this is now the same with William, or did she leave these millions behind?" - Internet users wondered.

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Of course, members of the royal family are provided no less than aristocratic businessmen, only for spending their money they have to report to British taxpayers.

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