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William and Kate will officially become king and queen.


Source: MSN

Queen Elizabeth II of England announced that she would give her crown to her grandson, Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton. Reports about it MSN with reference to Closer.

This statement indicates that the crown will pass the queen's son, Prince Charles.

“Her Majesty realized that William and Kate are the future. She spent 65 years making sure the House of Windsor survived, and she sees that William and Kate have the energy and stellar quality to do their job in the modern world. Queen Elizabeth will always do what is best for the long-term health of the monarchy, ”a palace insider said recently.

The queen believes that it is the younger generation that can breathe fresh breath into the House of Windsor.

Unfortunately, the decision of the 91-year-old queen to hand over the crown of 35-year-old William instead of 68-year-old Charles affected Will’s relationship with his father.

"After the Queen's decision, the relationship between William and his father became somewhat tense, but over time, these passions will subside and they will get used to," - added the insider.

Interestingly, the wife of Prince Charles, Camilla Parker Bowles was not very upset by this decision of her mother-in-law.

“She is secretly delighted with the queen's decision. She 70 years, and the dramatic events in her life was full, enough for the rest of her days. "

Prince Charles's decision was not easy for his mother. He expected many years of this event and honestly fulfilled his duties. But the queen believes that you need fresh breath, energy and modernity, which are present precisely in William and Kate.

Kate Middleton is somewhat concerned that such a responsible and important role will fall on her shoulders, as she would like to continue to devote enough time to her young children - Prince George and Princess Charlotte. In addition, she understands that attention to her and to children will increase significantly.

But fortunately, Queen Elizabeth II still has enough health in her 91 year. And while she does not intend to abdicate the throne. So the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge still have time to get used to their new responsibilities.

Earlier this month, British Queen Elizabeth II’s husband 96, the Duke of Edinburgh, held the last event as the official representative of the royal family.

After the so-called retirement of 96-year-old spouse of Elizabeth II, Prince Philip resigned and a number of personal secretaries and assistants to members of the royal family.

In addition, Elizabeth II’s loyal assistant, Sir Christopher Geidt, resigned. For many years he was engaged in the organization of the working schedule of Her Majesty. It also became known that the resignation letter was already written by Prince Harry’s personal secretary Edward Lane Fox.

Prince William's personal secretary, Miguel Head, will leave his post for Christmas. Announced the resignation of the personal secretary of the Duchess of Cambridge, the wife of William, Rebecca Deacon. Another assistant to William and Kate Sir Alan Reid left. Samantha Cohen, First Assistant to the Personal Secretary of Elizabeth II, wrote the resignation letter. Not so long ago, the personal assistant of Prince Charles and his wife Camilla changed.

All these changes suggest that in the United Kingdom the transfer of power is coming.

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