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Willis is not Bruce: 13 real names of Hollywood stars


Source: Today

It's no secret that celebrities often take pseudonyms for themselves. We want to tell you about where the original pseudonyms of Hollywood stars came from and what their names really are. Let's get to know the Hollywood stars we don't know all about yet.

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Bruce Willis - Walter Bruce Bruno Willis

Yes, yes, the brutal hero of "Die Hard" is actually called Walter, says Today. His career as an actor began with a theatrical stage, and his agent advised to change the name to something more simple.

Demi Moore - Demetria Jean Gaines

At the very beginning of her career (before meeting with Bruce Willis), Demetrius was married to the little-known actor Freddie Moore. They had been married for only four years, and when they divorced, they no longer remembered each other. At first, Demi wanted to reclaim her maiden name, but the producers dissuaded her.

Helen Mirren - Elena Mironoff

Helen's real name is Elena Vasilyevna Mironoff. The British turned out to be the heir to the Russian earls - her grandfather served in the Russian Governmental Committee in London and after the revolution chose to remain in the United Kingdom. Oscar-winning actress got her English name at the age of 5 - her father did not want her family to stand out and forge documents.

Lady Gaga - Stephanie Joanne Angelina Germanotta

It would be problematic to answer the question "What is your favorite singer" if it was about Stephanie Joanne Angelina Germanotta. The phrase "Lady Gaga" was invented by the singer's producer, taking a derivative from the song of the group Queen Radio Ga-Ga. Why the choice fell on this particular track is not clear. According to one version, during rehearsals, the future star copied the movements and grimaces of Freddie Mercury.

Vin Diesel - Mark Vincent

In 17, the actor himself made this pseudonym for himself. It was at this age that he entered Hunter College, Faculty of English Literature, where he began writing the first scripts. In one of his interviews, Diesel admitted that he never liked the name Mark Vincent, it seemed to him too intelligent.

Lana Del Rey - Elizabeth Grant

The girl decided to get rid of her real name, because she considered it unsuitable for the image of a “retro diva”. She borrowed the name Lana from her favorite performer Lana Turner, and the surname Del Rey from the first car brand that came to mind, Ford Del Rey.

Katy Perry - Katherine Elizabeth Hudson

Here the story is short: the singer shortened the name to make it easier to remember, and took the surname from her mother - in Hollywood there is already one Hudson (actress Kate Hudson).

Nicolas Cage - Nicolas Kim Coppola

Nicholas is related to cult director Francis Ford Coppola. The actor changed his last name to avoid any accusations of “patronage”. He "borrowed" it from two of his idols - composer John Cage and American comic book hero Luke Cage.

Natalie Portman - Natalie Hershlag

Parents were against her filming in the film "Leon", and some particularly conservative relatives even thought that she would disgrace the Hershlag family. As a result, Natalie took the name of her grandmother.

Marilyn Manson - Brian Hugh Warner

The name and surname were not suitable for the eccentric stage image. To become Marilyn Manson, Brian borrowed the name from the famous Hollywood actress, and the last name from the killer Charles Manson.

Sophia Loren - Sophia Villani Chicolone

At first, the actress starred under the pseudonym Sofia Lazzaro. She believed that the real name was too provincial. Then, at the insistence of her husband, film producer Carlo Ponti, she became Lauren (as his favorite cigars were called).

Chuck Norris - Carlos Ray Norris

The actor received the nickname Chuck during his years in the US Air Force. Then the actor transferred this pseudonym to the cinema.

Elton John - Reginald Kenneth Dwight

Elton John is a fusion of the name and surname of two of his favorite musicians - jazz musician Elton Dean and blues performer John Baldry.

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