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They persuaded to lose weight, and now they persecuted: fans called slender Adele a traitor



Web users constantly don't like everything. When Adele was full, she was advised to lose weight. Now half of the singer is left - and again she is criticized, writes

The British singer Adele has long been an icon of the body positive movement around the world. She proved to all the women of the planet that they do not have to have model forms in order to succeed - even in show business, where appearance is very important.

No, Adele was not always happy with herself, it is a fact. At the very beginning of her career, she was much more magnificent than the same a couple of years ago - until 2008, according to media reports, she weighed a little more than 130 kilograms! Later, the singer noticeably lost weight, but at the same time remained in the amount of "plus".

Also (although Adele does not admit this) she, according to plastic surgeons, changed the shape of her nose - he became more acute.

And now, after a divorce, the artist with an incredible voice shows us her chiseled figure. She lost 45 kilograms! And this - unexpectedly - angered her fans.

The web discusses the transformation of Adele is not as joyful as perhaps she would like. Fans of the artist believe that she did not get better after a radical transformation. More attractive - yes, better - no.

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And someone even accuses Adele of hypocrisy - they say, she abandoned her principles. She once told Karl Lagerfeld who called her “fat” that “she never wanted to be a glossy girl” and she was proud to “represent the majority of women.” And suddenly - minus almost half a centner. And for what?

Insiders from Adele’s entourage say that all the singer wanted was to become healthy for her son Angelo. The artist’s personal trainer, for example, stated that “this metamorphosis was not conceived for self-promotion or the desire to become a role model”.

However, nobody really believes him. In the comments under the latest news about the singer, bacchanalia reigns. “I'm scared and sad to look at her now. She was so cool and powerful. ”

Moreover, many believe that Adele has lost weight simply to show that she is better than others - they say, she was able to pull herself together and achieve a chic figure. Someone even said that he was unsubscribing from the singer and would no longer listen to her music!

Many rightly note that, perhaps, the artist will soon return to the stage with a new program and wants to do this, having all the trump cards in her hands.

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And, of course, without comment from people who are not happy that Adele is congratulated on losing weight, because it is “not at all positive”:

“The comments under Adele’s pictures that she is thin = beautiful make me cry,”

“The fact that everyone is now enthusiastic about losing weight to Adele, proves once again the fact that thinness is encouraged and loved much more than any other body shape. Khudoba is always perceived as something good, always, "

“I can’t believe that Adele has been trending all day, just because now people find her appearance more attractive, because she is thin? Disgusting. "

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