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We learn to understand the markings BB, CC, DD and PP on creams


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BB creams were invented by German dermatologists. The main task of such creams is the healing and restoration of the skin after cosmetic procedures and peels. Korean manufacturers have improved these creams for a wide audience and put them on sale. In just a few years, they have become popular with women, as they have not only masking properties, but also care for the skin.
In order to choose the cream that suits your skin, you need to know what the letters on the label mean.

BB Cream
The letters BB are decrypted as beauty balm or blemish balm, that is, a beauty balm or masking balm. It serves as a foundation and is suitable for any weather. It has good moisturizing properties, along with the usual nourishing cream.
BB cream evens the tone of the face, copes with irregularities, dries inflammation and eliminates pigmentation. Also, this cream protects against sunlight, masks defects and is an excellent foundation for makeup. Despite all its nourishing, moisturizing and soothing properties, BB-cream will not replace the rest of your face care products, but will become a reliable assistant. Suitable for all skin types.

CC Cream
The line of CC creams appeared after the BB creams won out. CC creams are decrypted as color control (color control). The task of these creams - color correction. The texture of CC creams is different from the texture of BB creams, as their function is narrower - the fight against redness and complexion problems. CC-creams are simpler to use, they contain light-scattering particles, SPF filters and antioxidants. All this does not make the cream heavier, but on the contrary adds lightness to it. The composition is designed so that when applying the cream highlights the skin, giving it a smooth structure and freshness. CC creams are suitable for normal skin, and unfortunately, are not suitable for oily or problem skin.

DD cream
The developers did not think for a long time what name to give to the next cream, and went already empirically, for which they called the series of creams alphabetic. The formula of DD cream is developed not so much for an even skin tone, as for protection and care, and an abbreviation is defined as daily defense or dynamic do-all ("Daily defense" or "jack of all trades"). This line is suitable for tired or aging skin, as part of a high level of protection from the sun and free radicals. They should not be abused, as it clogs the pores.

Photo: depositphotos

PP cream
PP-creams are creams that serve as a base for makeup and stand for Pink рerfect ("Pink perfection). The cream contains silicone particles, which improve the relief, smooth the surface, smooth out wrinkles and reduce pores. The cream itself is bright pink in color, but on the skin it becomes transparent and inconspicuous. Before use, you must clean and moisturize the skin, and after - use a regular foundation. PP-cream is not used as a standalone product, only as an auxiliary. Suitable for all skin types.

EE cream
This cream is not suitable for daily use and is not recommended for those who have thin and sensitive skin. Stands for Extra extraction ("Extra peeling").
HER-creams exfoliate dead skin cells, renew them, protect from sun exposure and moisturize. After application, the skin gets a light shining shade. This cream is created for those who suffer from dull complexion and acne. It has UV protection function. The lineup also contains creams with a lightening effect, which will suit tanning lovers, as the cream can partially hide the pigment spots.

Almost all letter creams adapt to the skin tone, so it will be very difficult to make a mistake with a shade. To remove the remnants of the cream from the skin it is better to use products that contain oils.

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