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Scientists: mortality from coronavirus infection decreased by a third



This conclusion was made by experts from the University of Bristol, writes

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Scientists analyzed data from more than 24 studies, which involved 10 thousand people, according to the Daily Mail.

The results showed that the death rate from coronavirus infection fell from 59,5% at the end of March to 42% by the end of May.

We are talking about patients who were treated in intensive care.

It is noteworthy that this indicator did not differ significantly in different parts of the world, despite some differences in treatment methods.

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Experts explain this by the fact that patients are now treated with better quality: new drugs are being developed, criteria for hospitalization are being introduced, physicians understand the essence of the virus deeper.

The researchers emphasize: at the moment, doctors have two drugs for the treatment of critically ill patients in the "arsenal": a drug against Ebola - remdesivir and a steroid with an anti-inflammatory effect, dexamethasone.

“As the pandemic progresses, we have learned to better cope with COVID-19,” the study authors note.

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