The article has been automatically translated into English by Google Translate from Russian and has not been edited.

Scientists told why happy people dress up the Christmas tree before


Source: New York Post

You'll be happier if you dress up your Christmas house earlier than usual, according to researchers from the McCone Clinic. This tells New York Post.


Psychoanalyst and clinic owner Steve McCone is convinced that early decorating and installing a Christmas tree is a direct neurological “wire” to the warm and cozy feelings associated with a magical Christmas in your childhood. “In a world of stress and anxiety, people like to associate themselves with the things that make them happy. And Christmas decorations evoke those feelings from childhood, ”says the expert.

The scenery, according to McCone, is a simple and accessible anchor to the magical emotions that most people experience in their early years. Therefore, decorating a Christmas tree and a house is exciting and positive.

Study published in Journal of Environmental Psychology, confirms this, arguing that houses decorated outside are considered “friendly and united”, and their tenants are more sociable and friendly during the holiday season.

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