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Scientists: the cause of obesity is in every home, and this is not food!


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Overweight has long been a problem of national scale. Every third US resident has so many extra pounds that we can talk about the threat to his health. Recently experts from the american Nicholas School of the Environment called another factor contributing to obesity. It turned out to be ... house dust.


According to experts, house dust has a much stronger effect on health than is commonly believed. Previously, it was associated only with the development of allergic reactions. A new study has shown that dust affects metabolic processes and can seriously disrupt metabolism, which ultimately contributes to a set of extra pounds “out of nothing”.

Dust is not harmful by itself - there are chemicals in every household that contain hazardous impurities. It can be both food packaging, and household items, detergents, clothes and shoes made of artificial materials, pesticides. All these substances are mixed with house dust and enter our body through the lungs.

Experts studied the effect of harmful elements of dust on the organism of rodents, measuring with the help of special devices the size of fat cells and the amount of fat in them. It was found that the cells that are responsible for replenishing the fat balance, are activated even with a slight exposure to chemicals. They break the fat metabolism and act on the hormonal system. Experts believe that dust can be blamed for the obesity epidemic among adults and especially children.

All that we can do at the moment to combat dust chemicals is to reduce the amount of chemistry used in the house, preferring natural products and products, as well as prevent dust deposits on open and soft surfaces.

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