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Scientists have warned about the risk of re-infection with COVID-19



Those who have been ill are protected from re-infection only for six months, writes Yellmed with a link to the Daily Mail.

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This conclusion was reached by specialists from the University of Amsterdam.

The study was based on data from ten patients who, from 1985 to 2020, were checked for the presence of seasonal coronavirus strains. By the end of the observation, 132 cases of infection were detected. Most patients became infected with the virus in winter, due to the seasonal peak of the epidemic.

Experts also found that the “disposal” of ill patients - a short period of protective immunity. The study showed: the concentration of antibodies to coronavirus was reduced by 50% after six months and by 75% after a year.

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Experts question the possibility of the formation of collective immunity, which can reduce the epidemiological burden: "Since protective immunity can be lost six months after infection, the prospect of achieving population immunity seems unlikely."

A previous study showed that not all patients who have had COVID-19 develop antibodies. Experts note that people with the most severe cases of the disease more often than others have an immune response.

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