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Scientists answer why you can not iron bedding


Source: Rambler

Remember, as a child taught mom: washed - iron! And we invented any excuses: either the iron broke, or the electricity was turned off. We would know then that scientists, in fact, do not advise at all to iron bed linen ...

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Moreover, the experts found that excessive pedantry of housewives in matters of ironing can have a bad effect on the health of the sleeping, writes Rambler.

Experts from the UK argue that after being ironed, the fabric becomes too dense, which does not allow air to circulate, and moisture from being absorbed during sleep, and as a result, it has a bad effect on well-being.

But what about the children? After all, heat treatment, among other things, also saves from microbes ...

Here scientists advise using a steam steamer on an iron. It gives the opportunity, without touching the hot surface to the fabric, to have a disinfecting effect.

And if these arguments still did not work on you, then the specialists were left with a couple more. For example, according to psychiatrists, people accustomed to sleeping on freshly ironed bedclothes are more subject to criticism and perceive it inadequately with a large share of resentment.

Such people spend a lot of effort on educational work to idealize others, why they often remain alone ... The conclusion is simple! Want to get married? Forget about ironing and spend this time on a date.

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