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Scientists have identified the most dangerous drink in the world


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Nutritionists have identified the most dangerous drink in the world.

Researchers from the American Heart Association (American Heart Association) presented data according to which the most harmful in its impact on the human body product is the so-called diet soda.

Its constant use provokes the development of dementia and strokes, while the popularity of this drink just rolls over.

“Diet sodas marked“ 0% sugar ”, which include sugar substitutes, are the most dangerous product in the world,” say nutritionists who participated in the study.

Scientists say that people who drink such soda every day are at risk of having a stroke due to blockage of blood vessels three times more than those who do not use it.

Light carbonated drinks today are in incredibly high demand all over the world. Caloric content in such drinks is reduced to zero due to the use of sweeteners - this fact bribes the mass consumer. But the most serious problem is that all these sugar substitutes have not been fully studied by science.

The recent data on them suggests that the use of such components may lead to the emergence of the most serious diseases with a high mortality potential.

In particular, aspartame, massively used by manufacturers of carbonated beverages, shows chemical instability in a changing environment. Scientists have reported that in a warm room, this sweetener is able to decompose into substances, one of which is then converted into carcinogenic formaldehyde.

Experiments with diet soda showed that when it is consumed, the natural mechanisms of appetite change - people tend to have a craving for sweets and high-calorie foods, overeating develops and, as a result, their weight increases.

Photo: depositphotos

In addition, a recent study by the University of Philadelphia Dental proves that any carbonated drink has a negative effect not only on the gastrointestinal tract, causing obesity and diabetes, but also contributes to the process of tooth decay.

Moreover, the process of tooth decay is so destructive under the influence of sweet soda water, which is comparable only with the long-term exposure to narcotic substances.

The fact is that in all carbonated drinks a high level of acidity, and acid, regularly acting on tooth enamel, destroys it. And we are talking not only about ordinary sparkling water, but also about soda.
Soda water is very similar to carbonated water - the same “fizzy” with a pleasant taste. However, carbon dioxide is added to carbonated water, and acids and soda are also added to soda water. By the way, soda is more often used to make alcoholic cocktails.

However, both types of drinks do not bring any benefit to the body: they have a high content of carbon dioxide, irritating the gastrointestinal tract, they do not contain vitamins, wash calcium from the body, and because of the content of acids they also destroy tooth enamel.

Nutritionists say that even drinking carbonated drinks through a straw is harmful. As with such use, the palate and throat may suffer.

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