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Scientists have discovered cells that are responsible for gray hair and hair loss


Source: Huffingtonpost

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Scientists at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center have discovered cells that are responsible for hair growth and the mechanism of their graying. The results are supposed to seriously advance the methods of treating baldness and the appearance of gray hair, reports Huffingtonpost.
“Although this project was started with the goal of understanding how certain types of tumors form, we figured out why hair turns gray and found cells that directly cause hair to appear. With this knowledge, we hope to create a topical connection or safely deliver the required gene to hair follicles in the future to correct these cosmetic problems, ”said Dr. Lu Le, lead author of the study.

The project was originally aimed at the study of one of the forms of the tumor, however, it ended with the fact that scientists were able to figure out why the hair turns gray and which cells cause growth and hair loss. Now, researchers suggest that they will be able to create a drug that will help correct baldness or gray hair. The results of the study, which is published in the journal Genes & Developmentshows protein KROX20 contained in the skin cells responsible for the formation of the hair shaft. Hair pigmentation is regulated by stem cell factor (SCF). These hair precursors, or progenitor cells, then produce protein, which scientists say is necessary for hair pigmentation.
Studies in mice have shown that the mice turned white when the gene was removed. SCF in progenitor cells. And removal KROX20 from the cells, the formation of the hair shaft led to the cessation of their growth - and the mice became bald. Paradoxically, scientists came to these conclusions when studying neurofibromatosis of the first type - a hereditary disease that predisposes to the occurrence of tumors in humans.
Now scientists will try to find the relationship between content KROX20 in the cells and stopping the gene SCF and aging, to find out whether this leads to the appearance of gray hair and thinning hair in older women and baldness in men.

The researchers found that a protein called KROX20more often associated with the development of nerves, in this case is included in the skin cells.

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