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Scientists have named products that worsen human health every day.


Source: Evening Moscow

Scientists have identified a number of especially dangerous food. In the first place was fast food, but the rest of the list is not so clear.

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Also, doctors have called harmful use meat delicacies and grilled meats. Substances that are formed during the processing of a product on an open fire are dangerous in such meat. Evening Moscow. If barbecue and grilled meat are used systematically and in large quantities, the risk of pancreatic and prostate cancer and breast cancer increases.

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Researchers advise themselves to pickle meat for frying and add rosemary to it, which will reduce the level of carcinogens in the cooking process.

The list of harmful products continues beverages.

According to scientists, milk is bad. Fans of this product have a risk of developing cancer, allergic reactions and asthma. Experts suggest drinking coconut and almond instead of cow's milk.

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Also, researchers have called harmful sweet soda and store juicesbecause these drinks contain dyes, sweeteners and preservatives.

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Salt, sugar and white flour also harmful. Pasta and white bread can cause diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases and thyroid problems.

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