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Scientists have found a link between genetics and marital status


Source: VCU News

The University of Virginia conducted a large-scale study, which was attended by experts in psychology, sociology and genetics. The purpose of the study, according to the press service UniversityIt was to find out which factors influence a person’s desire to save a family or increase his tendency to divorce.


As a result of the study, it turned out that children of divorced parents have quite high chances to survive a divorce in their lives - and not even one. And the harder their mothers and fathers were divorced, the more likely it is in the child’s own family. Statistical comparison was carried out with groups of grown children from complete families.

Negative parental experience witnessed by the child also plays a role - according to psychologists, in the future there is a high probability that he will not want or will not find the strength to fight for relationships, since he knows well that this struggle does not always save the marriage, and that in life there are other options. Those who are not familiar with the topic of divorce are less likely to accept thoughts of separation, therefore they are more inclined to fight for the family.

But there are also purely genetic factors, no less important, scientists say. The experts were prompted to this idea by the fact that relatives, rather than adopted children of divorced parents, are more likely to get divorced, although they were brought up together. Most likely, the tendency to negativism, a certain character of emotionality, and a low ability to withstand shocks that are common in relationships are “to blame”.


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