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Scientists: Coronavirus spreads during a conversation and stays in the air



Small droplets containing infectious particles of the virus can linger in the air for 8-14 minutes. This was reported by experts from the US National Institute of Health, writes

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The researchers used laser scanning to track how many small particles are emitted in the room during communication between people.

They found that during a loud conversation, the largest number of respiratory drops spread.

So, a loud-speaking person releases at least a thousand virus particles in one minute. In the air, they remain viable for 8 to 14 minutes. And what is remarkable - a “trace” from a conversation can leave a person in the air without the symptoms of a coronavirus.

“This suggests that there is a chance of transmission of coronavirus infection through normal speech, especially in confined spaces,” the study authors emphasize.

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Many countries began to gradually lift quarantine restrictions. Cafes, restaurants, small shops and enterprises are returning to work.

But as the pandemic continues, researchers strongly recommend wearing face masks and social distance.

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