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Scientists have proven: fullness can not be healthy


Source: Independent

There is no such thing as healthy fullness, experts say. People who look healthy but are overweight, on 96% more often, slender people become victims of serious cardiovascular diseases. He writes about it Independent.


Despite the fact that the hashtag “fat but fit”In various spellings has collected about 7000 posts on Instagram, a new study showed that“ fat and healthy ”is an illusion that misleads, in the first place, overweight people themselves. According to statistics, they are more likely to develop heart failure, coronary heart disease and cerebrovascular disease.

The study was conducted over 5 years by scientists from the University of Birmingham. They compared the test subjects with obesity, who at the moment were objectively healthy people, with those of the normal weight category, in order to compare the risks of those and others for certain diseases.

It turned out that people with body mass index from 25 to 30 (overweight) and from 30 (obesity), who do not yet have serious health problems, however, are much more likely to acquire them in the future compared to those whose weight fine.

Dr. Rishi Caleiachetti, author of the study, urges people to stop combining the words "fat" and "healthy" in one phrase, as this creates the false impression that weight loss is unnecessary.

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