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Scientists have proven that the phrase 'heartbreak' is not just a pun


Source: The Daily Mail

Experts from the Scottish University of Aberdeen studied people whose condition in the literature is commonly called “heartbreak” for two years to find out whether unrequited love or separation from a loved one really has a serious impact on human heart health, writes The Daily Mail.

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The doctors, the authors of the study, compared the unhappy lovers with those who had objective problems with the cardiovascular system. As a result, it turned out that after the stress that one has to endure in connection with love troubles, the heart can demonstrate the effect of temporary "weakening" up to the state that is usually observed in people after a heart attack. The experts monitored the condition of the subjects using MRI and ultrasound.

Experts also noted that in women all of the above is more common than in men. A manifestation can be a noticeable and fairly pronounced weakness during physical exertion. At the same time, doctors still do not know why some people react very hard with their “heart” to parting and difficulties in relationships, while for others it all proceeds much easier. Therefore, just in case, they warn: if you have experienced a severe break in relations, monitor your condition under the supervision of a doctor.

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