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Scarlett Johanson has a double with whom she wants to drink.


Source: Time

A photo appeared on the net showing a girl who is very similar to Scarlett Johanson. Time. Photo posted in Imgur user denver dodd He claims that this is a photograph of his grandmother Geraldine, who is now 72 of the year.

Picture taken in 1967, when Geraldine was 22 of the year. The frame quickly became popular, and Scarlett Johanson herself noticed her. The actress was flooded with emails and messages by fans, claiming that Scarlett looked so much like Geraldine so much that one would assume that they were relatives.

The actress recorded a video in which she said that she really wanted to meet and chat with her twin, so she invited Geraldine to the premiere of the film “Very Bad Girls” to drink and talk together. All expenses Scarlett promised to take on.

“I want to see my face years later, and after drinking too, so let's have a drink together, Geraldine,” the actress said to her elderly counterpart. After the video of the appeal appeared on the network, Geraldine's grandson wrote that the grandmother was overwhelmed by such an offer, and he was very pleased that his grandmother deserved such attention.

Now in the life of Scarlett Johanson a difficult period - she is divorcing her husband Romain Doriac, a journalist who lives in France. Due to the fact that the couple lives in different countries, Scarlett is forced to fight for the right to raise a daughter, because Romain wanted to take the girl away to France, citing the fact that Scarlett has a very busy schedule. The actress is even ready for the 2-year-old Rose to leave a career.

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