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The most popular painkiller in the US has discovered dangerous side effects.


Source: Womenshealthmag

Raise your hand to those who have ever taken Percocet. Almost everything, and you too? Most likely, this is the case.

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The painkiller, which some Americans eat like dragees Tic-Tac, 59 was written to millions of people last year. Every US citizen has his own jar with this drug, writes Womenshealthmag.

But did you know that percocet is an opioid? A drug that belongs to the same group as heroin. At first glance, it may seem safe, but it can cause a lot of side effects and, moreover, addiction, says Dr. Scott Sigman, a surgeon and pain treatment expert from various backgrounds.

If you find yourself having any of these symptoms and are taking percocet, consult a doctor.

It seems that you will throw up now

Nausea and vomiting are quite common opioid effects. People, especially if they have a sensitive stomach, may experience abdominal pain, nausea and even bouts of vomiting.

You settled in the toilet

The drug slows down all processes in the body - including the work of the intestine. And the less he moves, the less likely it is emptying. Sometimes it comes to nausea and vomiting, including. If your doctor has not prescribed a laxative with percocet, ask him why.

You Can't Go Small

All opioids, including percocet, can cause urinary retention - this means that it will be difficult for you (or not at all) to empty your bladder. You may think that you really want to do this, but nothing will come of it. Run to the doctor as soon as possible!

You "slow down"

The official name for this effect is "obtundation" ("stun"), but you can figure it out without a dictionary. A strange, "cottony" feeling arising under the influence of the drug, which is the structure of the percocet. You may find it difficult to think, reason, make decisions. Obtundation requires intervention, as it can result in unconsciousness.

Your pupils look weird

Percocet affects the nervous system, one of the clear ways to understand this is to look into your eyes (in the mirror, of course). Some narcotic drugs lead to severe constriction of the pupils, and in the dark they do not expand. When the drug is removed, everything will return to normal.

You are constantly falling asleep

The drug often makes people sleepy and constantly tired. This can be a plus if you suffer from severe pain - the body has the ability to recover. But this means that it is worth being very attentive to what you are doing under this tool: for example, driving a car is definitely not possible.

Room rotates

Low blood pressure is another side effect. You may feel as if you are watching "helicopters", or you may feel as if you have drunk a lot of alcohol (especially when you get up suddenly).

You take the next pill

The most serious and terrible effect of percocet is physical dependence. One in five patients "hooks up" and women risk 40% more. To prevent this from happening, the drug is not prescribed for more than 10 days, but the risk still persists.

More than 2 of millions of Americans are addicted to pills, and an overdose of narcotic drugs is the main cause of sudden death. Half of them are prescription painkillers.

Before taking Percocet, it is very important to talk with your doctor about how to manage pain and minimize medication. In some cases abruptly throw perkotseta reception can not - It is best to immediately contact a specialist.

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